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Feeling Juicy Today?

I hand-picked with Love Some Premium, Joy Producing, Safest Sex Toys Just For You!

Introducing my premium private collection of the 'crème de la crème' in the sexual health arena.

Hi, this is Dr. Ben.
Welcome to my site.

My clients had a problem...
Throughout many years of mentoring couples and women as a sexual facilitator I often met the need to variate, introduce a change or use aids that support facing challenges in sexuality. It could be a difficulty in reaching an orgasm, a will to experience higher magnitudes, supporting the pelvic floor muscles or the prostate, or any other sexual health issue.

Based on discussions with clients at my clinic and my personal experience, I noticed that in sex shops and web stores one can find a huge, highly confusing selection of various sex aids. It is difficult to know and understand what is suitable for the task, of high quality and safe for use.
Many of the available sex toys present a very low level of quality, in terms of finishing lines and quality of the product itself. Thousands of junk toys are on the marketplace. Pornographic design, unfriendly to women (and men), made of inferior, sometimes really toxic and unsafe materials, unreliable electric contacts which last for a short period of time and then straight off to the garbage bin.

It is difficult for a customer who doesn't know their way around, to find out what product is really of premium quality, will do the job right, be pleasant and comfortable for use and above all, healthy and safe!

I decided to assemble my very own private collection of sex toys that will meet the highest standards available - meaning - my own standards!
I'm strict and meticulous, uncompromising, precise and quality lover. Therefore, every item that passes my strict inspection can rightfully bear the sign of quality. No item makes it into my collection unless it bears the international safety standards for the materials from which it is made of, so you can know it can be safely used on and in your body. Most of the items are 100% water resistant, contain rechargeable batteries (usually through USB so they can be easily recharged anywhere), are quiet and ergonomically designed.
My approach to sexuality is straightforward and sincere, precise, mature and non pornographic - so are the items that I hand pick for my private collection.
Every item goes through my personal meticulous and strict tests and is also tested by other testers.

I decided to choose one or two items suitable for every specific objective so that my customers can select from a 'crème de la crème' collection. No more need to take chances and risks. There is a seal of quality. You may safely purchase and someone guarantees that order.

Each product comes with at least one year of guarantee, some with three years.
I confirm the authenticity of every single product. When you purchase a product from me, you can be assured it is original. It is of utmost importance, since the more exclusive the product is, the more bad fakes and forgeries you may find on the market, even on Amazon and Ebay.

You will always find an answer to every need or question and you will always receive full support.

In my site you may find an entire host of information and articles. You may also find in it someone to get advice from on various topics and a sympathetic ear.
I invite you to examine the products on my site, safely purchase them (with total guaranteed discretion of course) and enjoy and have fun.

Oh, yes... one more thing...
Also join my club membership! You may enjoy a constant 10% discount on all regular sale items and you will also enjoy information and campaigns which are reserved for club members only.


Dr. Ben.

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